Kashmir Almond & Saffron With Milk Handmade Premium...

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Kashmir Almond & Saffron With Milk Handmade Premium...


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Lass Naturals Almond & Saffron Soap endeavors to create the purest natural Ayurvedic bathing experience. The premium handmade milk bathing bar livens up your skin and makes it look younger and healthy. The unique blend of pure almonds, fresh milk and Kashmiri saffron makes this bathing soap unparalleled to any other. Enriched with hydrating milk, this soothing bathing soap reaches the deepest skin cells and nourishes them. You get an herbal soap that isn?t harsh on your skin and is completely non-comedogenic. The presence of almond and saffron in the natural soap offers you a rich creamy feel, keeping your skin soft and improving complexion. The Ayurveda bathing bar is made to make your skin look younger, provide radiance and brighten skin tone.

Why buy Almond & Saffron Soap from Lass Naturals?

It is essential to invest in your skin as your skin represents who you are and we at Lass Naturals makes this investment natural and affordable. Lass Naturals has been offering skin and hair care products like shampoo, soap, conditioner, moisturizer, sun screen, anti-aging cream etc. for both men and women. Our experts who are highly inspired by the by the nature and Ayurvedic approach believes that natural can cure all skin and hair care problems and use only purest of botanical extracts and natural essential oils to make these products. Unique advantages that you get are:

Contains no artificial colors, and no synthetic fragrances
Ethically procured herbal ingredients
100% Customer Satisfaction Policy


Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Rose Water, Propanediol, Cane Sugar, Sodium Hydroxide, Aloe Vera, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Fragrance, Saffron Extract, Almond Oil, Vanilla Oil, Tinogard® TT, Kashmir Saffron, Sodium  Gluconate.

Directions to use

Firmly hold Lass handmade soap, as it may slip from your hands. Then run it all over your body, covering yourself in suds. Then thoroughly rinse your self off.
Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. For external use only.

Caution: Due to the ingredients natural origin, colour and consistency may vary from batch to batch. This does not affect the quality of the product.


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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Harsh Saxena 30-03-21

The best shampoo I have ever used in my life. I almost lost all of my hairs but now it seems this did a miracle in my life. Gradually I am getting my hair back. Thanks to IHT9.

Shalini Singh 31-03-21

It’s a very good product…Gives ur hair full strength, natural shine and suitable for all hair types..Must buy this..

yaminimoktan 05-03-21

Loved this product. Buy it you will not regret it

Merlin 03-02-2021

It’s really nice. Go for it🤗

RoZario 03-02-2021

Excellent product.. Must try !! ×_×

Annie Bennet 03-02-2021

An exceptional product and got amazing result after using it . Must buy

Srishma 12-02-21

The best ingredients with full protection compared to other brands .. n reasonable price is quite the luck❣️

Niprika 02-14-2021

Red onion oil is very good, by this my hair growth has increased and has become even better, silky

Gaurav sahni 03-01-2021

I used it with my body lotion and it is very good. I will order it again

Krina 03-01-2021

A great product if you are going crazy ’bout your hairfall. Got amazing results just in a few weeks.